Meet our Coaches

Meet the Kingdom Business Coaching™ Partners. These men and women have devoted themselves to helping entrepreneurs grow great Kingdom businesses.

Patrice Tsague

Christian business trainer, entrepreneur, international speaker, preacher, author, business coach

Debra Schlaht

Kingdom Business Coach

Scott Landis

Degree in Psychology, expertise in group dynamics, Coach, Mentor, and Trainer

Brian Buhler

MBA, BS in Computer Science, Biblical Entrepreneurship Teacher and Coach, broad understanding of culture and international business

Chris King

Entrepreneur and small business owner, strategic planner, leadership and staff development, biblical entrepreneurship, and family business governance and succession.

David J. Robertson

Business blogger, speaker, entrepreneur, and Kingdom Business Coach

Richard Zielke

Pastor, collegiate and post-graduate studies in Educational Leadership, graduate studies in Counseling, Leadership, Organizational Development, and Spiritual Direction, certified Harada Method Practitioner